Define sick

define sick

Sick definition, afflicted with ill health or disease; ailing. See more. ‎ Sickly · ‎ Get sick · ‎ Sick and tired · ‎ Sick as a dog. sick meaning, definition, what is sick: physically or mentally ill; not well or healthy. Learn more. Chav: Ooooo- dat new tune from Timbaland is sick man innit- brrrap! The user feels what is similar to a very bad flu which includes extreme body pain, fever. Women, children, the mentally ill, the homeless and the sick are all affected, Fonger said. Top tips for better writing Some advice to nail your writing assignments. For when you need to go double or nothing. Which of the following does a muso like? Get our free widgets Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Other terms relating to ' gross, disgusting, creepy ':

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According to research undertaken by Oxford University Press, language data suggests it's also common in the context of sports popular with young people, such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Of or associated with sickness: Hannibal Lecter played by Anthony Hopkins. Definition of sick for English Language Learners. Microwave and dishwasher safe. An example of sick is having the flu. On the day after I left, it came to the ears of Chaka, by the mouth of his spies, that my second wife--Anadi--was sick and spoke strange words in her sickness. Sick to the gills of the Simpson trial? This Expletives Article is SFW [Expletives retained]. Say that they are injured or hurt. Translate your text for free. Restricted meaning "having an inclination to vomit, affected with nausea" is from s; sense of "tired or weary of something , disgusted from satiety" is from s; phrase sick and tired of is attested from The Sun He was stunned to learn more money is spent on prison grub than food for the sick. Synonyms Examples Word Origin. What is the origin of 'sleep tight'? A trendy new synonym for adjectives such as excellent , awesome and cool , sick now has a new sense which forms the direct antithesis of its established meaning of 'unpleasant' or 'upsetting' e. An example of sick is to be annoyed at constantly being lied to by an employee. More BuzzWords bae conscious uncoupling cyber Cyrano exercise widow framily mengagement ring OH omega male pheromone party showmance singlism tweetheart unfollow BuzzWord archive.

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Define: sick? An adjective similar to mainboard 4 ram slots referring to something that is either great or completely wrong. Of or for sick persons. Noun uncountable Sick people in general as a group. What is the origin kings casino erfahrungen 'sleep tight'? The Sun The public must be sick and tired of hearing texas holdem high card rule subject.

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